Day 69

We went to visit Danny today and we went to the beach near his house. Niko had the best day he's probably ever had. We saw crabs, helicopters, and airplanes taking off at LAX. He was in heaven.


Day 68

Lexi brought us pad thai today. :) That was probably the highlight of our day. Oh, and it was trash day.

Day 67

A big tree got cut down in our backyard. Niko enjoyed the remains.


Day 66

Niko went on his first date today with Mary Jane. He drove her around in his jeep and then took her to a baseball game where they romantically shared a bowl of macaroni and cheese.


Day 65

Niko insisted that Boo accompany him on his car ride to school this morning.


Day 64

Niko had dim sum for the first time today. He loved everything he ate and had multiple helpings. Then he passed out in a food coma.


Day 63

Niko got a new Thomas pillow and a reading corner to go with it. He loves to sit in it and read Thomas books. :)

Day 62

Niko got a boo-boo on his lip. He fell of a stool and landed on his face. :(


Day 61

I stopped using the Autofocus setting on my camera lens and switched to Manual. I like the effect I got. Here's the little man playing with his trains.


Day 60

For the past few days I've been trying to reduce Niko's sugar intake. I would say its going well...


Day 59

Don't really need words for this post. :)


Day 58

The Maloney's came over this afternoon. Lots of playing in the backyard and cupcake eating. :)

Day 57

Watch out NBA, here comes Niko. He was dunking with Nino yesterday.


Day 56

My little Baby Homeboy stole my bangle bracelets. His shirt is from Homeboy Industries, an awesome organization in Los Angeles.


Day 55

Why is it so hot?!


Day 54

We had a very eventful Thursday afternoon. Of course it was trash day so we sat in the back of Nino's van so we could have a front row view of the trash truck. Niko loved it although the trash man thought we were a little nuts. Niko and I also had a "water fight" which translates to me spending 15 minutes filling 6 water balloons then Niko throwing them all at the grass in less than a minute. He loved it though. :)


Day 53

Nutella ice cream at Fosselmans. Do I need to say anything more?


Day 52

Something about this little ice cream-covered face instantly makes me forget about everything that's wrong with the world. "It's just so easy when the whole world fits inside of your arms." -Jack Johnson. Someone broke into my car today at PCC and stole a bunch of stuff. I was really upset, then came home and saw this, and it just didn't matter anymore. :)

Day 51

We finally started our summer picnics at Lacy Park!


Day 50

Niko made pancakes this morning with Nana. He loves cooking. :)


Day 49

Today Niko made Benjamin Bear at Build-a-Bear with Carrie and I. We stuffed him with fluff, bathed him, and dressed him in a Woody outfit (of course). He also got a stroller that Niko's been pushing him around in. :)


Day 48

We had a fun day in Catalina today. Unfortunately, all of my pictures somehow got erased from my memory card. I had some cute ones too. :( Here's one I took on my phone.


Day 47

Here's the little man with his new train set from Auntie Erin. It's his new favorite thing. Choo choooooo!


Day 46

Niko got his first buzz today. He hated it, to say the least, but apparently it was all worth it for the chocolate cake he got right after. He looks so cute! And it saved Mommy $20 at Little Kuts. :D