Day 180

Making "coffee" and drinking it.

I'm sorry, loyal fans. I've been SO lazy. At least I'm all caught up now. :) Don't expect anything great tomorrow. I'll only get to see him when I drop him off for school. After that I'm working, doing RN orientation and testing, then working again! Booo. :(

Day 179

Peppermint Jo-Jo's are BACK at Trader Joe's. Niko saw me holding the cookie and he says, "Mommy!! A cookie??..........for NIKO?! Thank you!"

Day 178

Watching Maisy of course.

Day 177

Don't think he has enough books to read....

Day 176

Being shy in his new Mickey Mouse towel. It's the greatest incentive to get him out of the tub.

Day 175

He had a LOT of presents to play with the morning after our party. He loved his lizard puppets from Adriana. He went around the house making the lizard viciously eat everything.

Day 174

Happy Birthday to us. :)

Day 173

Pre-birthday celebrations at Nino's.

Day 172

Niko and Malia are too cute!


Day 171

Here is Niko's chicken, Tallulah. He likes to yell, "Here chickens, come eat breakfast!" Just like in his Maisy book.