Time Flies...

Niko is getting SO big, SO fast.  This summer has been crazy and clearly just from the lack of updates to our blog, I don't have time to do anything!  In between my juggling summer school(Yuck!) and work, Niko has taken off running(literally).  Just in the last month, he started crawling, pulling himself up, standing and jumping in his crib instead of sleeping, walking/running around while holding on to people's fingers, and deliberately throwing things that he knows he shouldn't be(like his bottle).    My favorite new thing that he is doing is sleeping through the night!  I forgot what it feels like to get a full night's sleep!!
I'm so sad that I can't be with him all the time, especially since I've been having to leave lately to study and work for long periods of time.  Every moment with him is so precious even if he is throwing a fit(or his bottle) and I can't believe he's already such a big boy.  
Here's a picture from our last photo shoot in the backyard.