Day 39

He ran through the sprinklers and got soaked so I took off his clothes inside. Then he ran back out the door and up the street naked. Couldn't miss that photo opportunity.


Day 38

No creativity today. Tuesdays are the worst. :(


Day 37

Happy Birthday Sewa!


Day 36

Bapa, Niko, and I went to Travel Town at Griffith Park this morning to ride the choo choo. Of course Niko loved it. Choo choo's are his favorite thing right now.

Day 35

Here are some photos yesterday from the MacLellan wedding blessing/baptism. It was a beautiful day and Niko enjoyed it (especially his french toast).

Here's the link to see the photos of everyone else. :) The MacLellan Family

I forgot this one. We babysat the twins last night and Niko stole Luke's pacifier. He thought he was hilarious.

Day 34

I got a little behind on my posting because of all the festivities, but not on my picture taking. This was taken at The Boat on Friday night. We went there with the MacLellans to celebrate their wedding blessing and the babies' baptism. Niko and all of his cousins loved the video games.


Day 33

I have a very silly son.


Day 32

Niko got a tent/igloo today from IKEA. Nana and I found all kinds of fun things there. I'm sure there will be many more pictures of the tent. I'm lucky I got him out of it to sleep in his crib. Although I kinda wanted to sleep in it....


Day 31

Niko's been sleeping in my bed a lot lately. Partly because he's been teething, partly because he's been congested a lot, and mostly because I can't say no to waking up to this adorable, peaceful face in the morning.


Day 30

We spent the afternoon at the Huntington today. Niko and I had a lot of fun playing in the water while Nana and Bapa looked at boring paintings. :p


Day 29

Somebody didn't have a nap today. I lied with him in his room trying to get him to fall asleep and instead I fell asleep and woke up to him yelling "Mom, Andy!" I looked up and he was wearing his hat, demanding that we watch Toy Story.

Here's Niko with his two Bapa's.

Day 28

Oops, this one got posted kinda late. Here's the little man in his new Buzz hat. We were playing outside in his little blow up pool.


Day 27

We had a water fight at the Diaz's today. :)


Day 26

Lacy Park is a beautiful place for pictures. Too bad my subject wasn't in a better mood. I didn't get very many good shots.


Day 25

We had a very lazy afternoon...


Day 24

Sick little cowboy.


Day 23

Our last day at Disneyland before the blackout days of summer. We had a fun morning before it got too hot and too crowded. Here is Nino, Mommy, Niko, and Nana waiting in line for the Storybook Cruise.


Day 22

I was too lazy to deal with my camera today so here's a picture from my Blackberry. Niko and Miya were slip 'n sliding in the backyard. Niko is 19 months old today!


Day 21

Here's all 8 grandkids finally in a picture together. We had a really fun day at the Maloney's. :)


Day 20

Exactly ONE week until Toy Story 3! Niko is very excited...maybe not as much as Nino and I though....


Day 19

For the last 2 1/2 hours he's only been wearing one shoe. He's really enjoying half-stomping around the house and watching his one shoe light up. If only I knew what goes on in that little mind of his....


Day 18

Nino and John brought Niko a squirt gun today. He spent most of his time playing with it just squirting it at his face, but he loved it.


Day 17

Tuesdays are long days. I only get to see Niko when I drop him off for school and after his nap. We watched Toy Story for a little bit, and this was the only picture I got of him today. :( At least Wheezy looks happy?


Day 16

Niko and his "apple" (onion) in the market today.


Day 15

We rode our bike to visit Nino this morning. He's sick :(


Day 14

We had a picnic today with Lauren and Kyle at Granada Park. It was so fun and of course we had Dots cupcakes to celebrate Lauren's belated birthday. :)


Day 13

This might as well just be a blog about cupcakes because that's pretty much all that I post pictures of. Tonight I attempted to make strawberry cupcakes. Failure, but Niko enjoyed them. He'll eat anything that's shaped like a cupcake.


Day 12

Here's the little guy today eating a PB & J sandwich on a Hawaiian roll and looking through a cookbook. We tried to find something yummy to make, but didn't find anything inspiring enough in Princess Tiana's Cookbook (Princess and the Frog). Anyone want to make us some Gumbo? It looked like it was a little bit beyond Mommy's skill level.


Day 11

I only got to spend about 45 minutes with Niko today since he took a 4 hour(!) nap and my Physiology class went much longer than it normally does. This picture was the only thing I could get today, but I like that I captured the quiet of Niko's room at night. During the day its much different. Hard to see Niko but he's sound asleep in his crib. :)


Day 10

We finally got Niko's much needed haircut and Mommy's much needed Dots cupcakes. (Thank you, Carrie!) Here's Niko posing in front of J.Crew.