Day 9

Stephanie gave him a little suitcase. He uses it to carry around his very important possessions...

He went to Travel Town today with Bapa to see the "choo-choo!" I wish I could have gone but instead I took a 5 hour nap trying to get rid of whatever illness I still have. :(


Day 8

Niko and Grandma Nell at Uncle Kevin's Memorial Day BBQ. :)

...and of course a cupcake.


Day 7

This one almost didn't make it... Here's Michael and Niko (and Miya) swimming in Auntie Carla's pool today. :)


Day 6

How to make cupcakes with Niko....

.....and eat them.


Day 5

Sadly, this was the only highlight of our day. Our great plans of haircuts and Dots cupcakes got ruined by Mommy's strep throat. :( He does love mailing letters though. This one was to Godmother Amanda.


Day 4

It might be getting to the point of unhealthy but he really loves this movie.


Day 3

I didn't have much time to take pictures today but he looked so cute with his little busted nose.


Day 2

Niko got a fever last night and slept pretty much through the whole night. This morning he stayed home with Nana while I went to school. He broke his perfect attendance at day care. :( When I got home from class he didn't want to take a nap and cried for about a half hour before he threw up EVERYWHERE. Bright pink of course from his strawberry fruit snacks. Yum.

He decided that he was fine after throwing up, and ate cous cous, peas, and mandarin oranges. He was playing and pretending to talk to Elmo on my Blackberry (see above photo), then his mean Mommy took the phone and he had the kind of tantrum that only an 18-month old can have. He FINALLY fell asleep in the stroller and is sleeping peacefully as I write this. Hopefully the rest of the day is better....

(About the photo: he's always pretending to talk on the phone and he actually uses names. It's usually Abby but today it was Elmo and he actually pretends that he's having a conversation with them. He said "good" a few times, like I do in response to questions on the phone. I've been trying to get a good picture of him talking on the phone and have been unsuccessful. Finally, I got one today. Better than a picture of the puke! :)

I couldn't resist this picture after our one hour conversation in his crib about Abby and Annette and hugs and penguins and basketball. He is so sweet. I wish he hadn't fallen asleep.


Day 1

Well, this is a lovely way to start our project. Yesterday the poor little guy tripped while he was pushing a skateboard and his nose broke his fall. This was his first real "boo-boo" which is pretty lucky for being an overactive 18-month old. He will happily tell you that he went "boom" if you ask him about it. He's had a runny nose for a few weeks thanks to all the hugs and kisses he gives/receives from his friends at day care, and now it hurts to have his nose wiped. He just kindly asks me to "stop it" while I try to wipe it.

Anyway, welcome to our 365. Hopefully Mommy can stick it out for a whole year. Lately, I've been trying to think of a creative way to document the days that are going by way too quickly. I watched Julie and Julia last night and the movie inspired me to post at least one picture on our blog every day for a year. Hopefully it can be more than a year, but let's see if I even last a week. :)