Day 98

Niko was trying to stow away in Sarah's stuff for school. Don't leave Seewwwwaaaaaa!

Day 97

One of Niko's favorite meals. Dino chicken nuggets. YUM.


Day 96

Travel Town=Niko's Heaven!


Day 95

Niko and Miya had a fun morning at Kidspace.


Day 94

Today, Niko went into the dishwasher to get out a clean sippy cup, opened the fridge, pulled the milk down, opened it, and poured it into his cup, only spilling a little bit.

Day 93

He was completely traumatized by Cruella and Mickey. We had a fun day with Chris and Aimee at the Happiest Place on Earth. :)


Day 92

Lauren took this while she was visiting. :)


Day 91

Niko had a lot of fun at Mayan's 1st Birthday Party!


Day 90

Lots of train watching today :)


Day 89

Just a little light reading before bedtime...


Day 88

The Little Red Caboose=Niko's favorite book right now.


Day 87

Today Alyson and I took Niko around South Pasadena for a fun day. We went to the train station and watched the trains come and go, then we went to the library to play with trains and check out train books. Niko's life revolves around trains right now....and so does mine. TRAINS ARE EVERYWHERE.


Day 86

Niko and his purple crayon...


Day 85

This is officially the lamest picture on our blog, but he fell asleep in the car tonight so this is the best I could get.


Day 84

He was cracking up wearing goggles and he couldn't even see himself.


Day 83

Niko likes posing for the camera now and saying cheese. We played with chalk for a long time today in Nino's driveway.

Day 82

Sarah took these pictures for me. Niko was slippin' and slidin' with Nino, Eligh, and Micah while I went to work. Clearly he had a lot of fun.

Day 81

Sleepy bear with his blankie #2. I got this one for him before he had his beloved blankie, and it does the job but it just isn't the same. :(

Day 80

Swimming at Auntie Carla's! He kept trying to swim all by himself. He would jump off the steps and just start sinking, but he loved it.

Day 79

He stuffed a bunch of grapes in his cheeks. He's such a chipmunk. We lost his blankie today at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It's like losing a family member. :(


Day 78

Niko and Bapa were "helping" Nana make coffee cake this morning.


Day 77

Niko got a new helicopter named Harold today. I took a picture of it and we made an iron-on t-shirt. :)


Day 76

We had a wonderful day today. We went to Homegirl Cafe with the Fortner's for breakfast by way of the choo choo train (Metro). It was delicious and fun. After that, Niko took a nap in Alyson's bed and Ryan came over to visit. He happened to be wearing a Homeboy t-shirt also, so he and Niko matched.

(I'm finally caught up on my posting. I've been a little bit lazy lately because I've spent all my free time reading Harry Potter....summer tradition. I'm on #3 :)

Day 75

Niko finger-painted for the first time. Things escalated quickly into body painting...