Day 149

Well today was supposed to be pumpkin patch day at the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch but they closed it due to rain. Boooooooooo. After spending almost 2 hours in the car, we had to turn around and go around much to Niko's disappointment and fake whining. We came home and went for a short walk to see the ghost up the street and blow some dandelion seeds all over our poor neighbor's front lawn. At least we planted some more dandelions for next time! :)

Forgot to address the double Tiggers... Someone gave Niko a Tigger when he was born and we forgot about it. We just found it and now he has two! One of them has darker stripes than the other since he hasn't been washed/thrown in the toilet/thrown in the bath/run over by the stroller. He insists that they always be together since they are friends, so now I have to keep track of a toddler and two Tiggers.

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