5 Minute Valentine's Day

Today was a very, very long day to say the least. I worked from 11am-7:30pm and spent the entire day away from my little man. For the very little time that we spent together before I went to work, Niko put his toothbrush down the heater and ran around the house with my makeup as I was trying to get ready. Typical morning rushing before work. I should have realized he was in need of some attention and just sat down and read him a story or something. Bad mommy. =(

Niko went to his Nino's house for the whole day and had a fun day playing outside and doing fun things without me. I couldn't help but feel guilty the entire day about how I wasn't spending Valentine's Day with him. (Like he knows the difference from any other Sunday that I work.) He's always so well taken care of when he's there that he doesn't even notice I'm gone until I come back in the door. I'm the one who has separation anxiety and issues from being away from him too long. It's heartbreaking to spend the entire day without his cute little face.

Now that I've done my share of whining, there was a consolation prize at the end of my eternal day. I got back to Daniel's house to a huge hug and kiss from Niko and some form of him handing me a bouquet of roses. He was beyond tired and the last thing he wanted was to be forced to hand me roses, but I got them nonetheless and the thought was enough to make up for my awful 9-hour day. It was the best 5 minutes of Valentine's Day I could ask for.

Here are my roses:

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