If You Give a Niko a Sippy Cup

This adorable little monster pictured below can make a bigger mess in 2 minutes than a tornado. I spent most of the night cleaning and organizing and trying to get ready for school next week. I was trying to gather up all the sippy cups from the nooks and crannies of the house to wash them. Of course when he saw the sippy cups he assumed he was getting something to drink so I had to give him juice, milk, and water, none of which he actually wanted. Then, while I was trying to put the 2,000 cups into the dishwasher Niko was trying to put himself into the dishwasher. After the dishes, we tried laundry. I assumed this was something he could help with and not make a mess of, because what's more fun to a one-year old than throwing clothes into the washing machine. Well, taking the clean clothes out of the dryer and throwing them on the floor of course. Then the trouble really came when it was time for his blankie to go into the washing machine. It was much overdue and the green rag had been all over Disneyland yesterday. Niko thought the blankie was plenty clean and did NOT need washing.

Here is a picture of the little angel after I finally wrangled him into his new jammies from the Diaz's.

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